Climbing to Windows 10? My Experience

Have you gotten that notice from Microsoft: “Windows 7 has shown up at its End-of-Life… ” or something equivalent? That…
Climbing to Windows 10? My Experience
Climbing to Windows 10? My Experience
Have you gotten that notice from Microsoft: “Windows 7 has shown up at its End-of-Life… ” or something equivalent?
That affected me to reluctantly redesign my HP Elite work zone from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
You may find my experience fascinating.
While we’re reproved to “Please Back up ALL of your reports before proceeding.’, notwithstanding the way that I do just that, using a program like Acronis True Image, yet I moreover do one other thing: I buy a replacement HDD or SDD, and clone the primary mass accumulating device before refreshing.
So to speak, I clone my HDD, by then update the cloned plate, saving the unsullied novel as a complete fortification.
I had as of late updated my PC from a 1Tb HDD (Toshiba) to a 1Tb SDD (SanDisk Plus). Using my BYTECC cloning machine, the system was basic, no issues. Went smooth as glass.
By then when I went to use my cloning machine to clone that 1 Tb SanDisk Plus SDD to another 1Tb HDD, I got the bungle message, “Source is greater than Target.”
Unflinching, I gave a flawless an injection of-the-holder 1Tb WD drive. Got a comparable mix-up message.
Stressed that my duplicator was misbehaving, I bought another SanDisk Plus 1Tb and inserted it in my duplicator.
Goodness dear, got a comparable mix-up message.
So I returned in my HP Elite reports, found a some time ago cloned HDD Win 7 hover for my P Elite from last April and successfully cloned it onto that new SanDisk.
The cloned plate presented and worked without any issues.
The upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 was drilled successfully.
My HP Elite work territory is presently at Win 10 and all’s well with the world!
Nevertheless, by and by, I have a progressively settled variation of my work territory.
Taking everything into account, possibly that isn’t an issue: I have a protected accumulating of all presented programs, and moreover the total of my work: I use an external WD MyCloud amassing contraption on my LAN. Any missing applications, I can just re-present.
Theoretically, the ‘main’ HP Elite SDD simply has copies of downloaded stuff (in its “Download record”), and nothing of any veritable outcome on the work zone or in close by memory.
Regardless, in spite of everything niggling fear that by somehow, some spot, there’s something on that one of a kind SDD that I could require.
What to do?
I have a KingWin EZ-Connect contraption that interfaces a SATA plate to my PC’s USB port.
Perhaps that could be used to look at and a short time later copy over reports and with the ultimate objective that are on that novel SDD Win 7 foundation to the HP Elite’s current Win 10.
Joining the SanDisk SDD to the EZ-Connect, and a short time later trapping the EZ-Connect to the computer,!Viola! I can see the aggregate of the reports on the SanDisk!
By then it was a basic thing to look and poke and poke to find anything I wanted to move to the new foundation!
Fortunately, nothing of any certified outcome had ben relinquished. By and by my new Win 10 foundation is totally good to go and my ‘lost’ archives are restored!

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