Nissan’s car new “brain control” technology

Nissan’s car new “brain control” technology

Nissan's car new "brain control" technology
Nissan’s car new “brain control” technology
“Brain-controlled car (B2V)” technology is ” Nissan Chi Heng Technology (Nissan Intelligent Mobility)” the latest technology progress after Nissan issued the “mind control” technology two months, long-term use of electronic synthesizer sound genius scientist Stephen Hawking leave In this world, only the brain wave technology that will emerge as the future autonomous driving assistance function will control the vehicle.

Whether switching from automatic driving mode to manual mode, or responding to unexpected situations (relatively pure manual mode), brain wave control should be slightly faster and a little bit, and it can also achieve pre-judgment. Moreover, the brain control is not only fast, but also has no problem of distracting, which improves active safety.

Of course, as a brand-new technology, “brain control” also has its own shortcomings and needs to be improved, so Nissan’s positioning is also used as an auxiliary option for autonomous driving.

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Do n’t think about it when driving, Nissan ’s “brain control” is very sci-fi
Editor’s comment: Nissan’s “brain control” technology is expected to be put into practical use in 5-10 years, and it is also one of the future technical directions of autonomous driving. Of course, that’s the sentence, don’t think about driving … if the car is confusing, it’s a big problem …

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