Toyota new car technologies in 2018-2020

Toyota new car technologies in 2018-2020

In the past year, these technologies that impressed us have ranged from joint venture brands to self-owned car companies, both to equip existing models on the market and conceptual forward-looking technologies.

Toyota new car technologies in 2018-2020
Toyota new car technologies in 2018-2020

Netease reported on January 14 that in the 
 past 2018, various auto manufacturers and parts suppliers have launched a lot of new technologies, some of which are still far away from us, and some are already available, we choose After seeing some of the most impressive and memorable technologies, let’s see how the new automotive technologies are played.

Toyota’s new e-Palette platform in the future

As a traditional auto giant, Toyota released a new e-Palette concept platform at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to provide mobility and various needs for the future. The new platform uses electric power and is equipped with Guardian’s automatic driving function.

The e-Palette mobile platform can open platform control functions according to user needs, and partners can install their own autonomous driving subsystem, just as convenient as the current smart phone and APP installation.

With the help of many cooperative enterprises, the e-Palette concept platform is far more than just pulling people and goods. One of the problems of everyone’s online shopping is the inconvenient on-site experience. The e-Palette concept platform can create a mobile experience store in the city. The experience is over Payment, return to the original place, put on new shoes and walk away, very convenient.

More details can be read:
All industries are shaking in the interpretation of Toyota e-Palette platform
Editor’s comment: The new e-Palette concept platform, if you take a closer look, if it is put into practical use in the future, it will be subversive for many industries, and all walks of life will be trembling … The Tokyo Olympics e-Palette is coming, we will wait and see Right.

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