5G leads new trends in automotive technology

5G leads new trends in automotive technology

5G leads new trends in automotive technology
5G leads new trends in automotive technology
In the second half of 2018, China’s auto market fell sharply, and there was no improvement in the first quarter of 2019. Under such an environment, many car companies are looking for ways to cross the cold snap. The 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, which is being held, has become an important stage for various auto companies to show their strength. Although the Shanghai Auto Show is called the Auto Show, it can actually be called a technology show, especially with the addition of 5G, making intelligent networking and autonomous driving technology become the mainstream direction for auto companies to advertise the future and represent the frontier.

  Smart technology brings a new experience

  As the 5G era is approaching, the combination of intelligent network technology and 5G information and communication technology will bring consumers a more humanized design and become the focus of exploration for car companies. At this Shanghai Auto Show, auto companies focused on the integration of 5G and the automotive industry.
  Dongfeng launched Sharing-VAN, the first concept car that integrates 5G remote driving technology. This car is defined as a mobile travel service platform and includes new technologies such as automatic driving, 5G remote driving, and dispatch monitoring system.
  Beiqi New Energy’s high-terminal brand ARCFOX has released an IMC architecture equipped with 5G technology. The architecture has the strongest chip with a computing power of 352 trillion times per second, and can achieve L3 to L4 level autonomous driving technology.
  Roewe released the world’s first 5G smart cockpit Roewe Vision-i concept car, creating the concept of “mobile space”, and trying to break through the boundaries of the screen, using the entire cabin intelligent interaction system with full cabin interaction capabilities.
  The collision between 5G and the car is a breakthrough of the era’s humanized emotional satisfaction with the car. With the help of information and communication technology, the establishment of a comprehensive network connection between the car and the person, the car and the car, the car and the road, the car and the cloud service platform Comprehensive services to realize the unity of everything. In the future, cars will become personal new accounts and new business cards, just like mobile phones.
  The 5G era is coming, and the Shanghai Auto Show lets people see the tremendous changes that information and communication technologies have brought to the automotive industry. The bigger change is still in the field of autonomous driving.

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